Between The Lines

Blueberry Hill ~ A Sister’s Story

Blueberry Hill -  Bette Lee Crosby

Author: Bette Lee Crosby

Published: July 2014, Bent Pine Publishing

Category: Memoir


'Based on the realities of her own family, Crosby calls this a memoir of sorts. Traveling back to a time when the sisters were young enough to feel invincible and foolish enough to believe it would last forever, Crosby has bared her soul in a story of regrettable decisions and inevitable outcomes.

Blueberry Hill is a tale of family relationships, love and tragedy. It is a story that will touch your heart and stay with you long after you have closed the book.'


A straight from the heart story of two sisters, Bette and Donna, as different as they could be but especially close nonetheless. Donna is the younger sibling, strong-willed and the most adventurous, the wild child as opposed to her more careful and quieter older sister. Donna is determined to live life her way and experience whatever the world has to offer. When you’re so young there are no thoughts of consequences or eventualities, for yourself or your family.


This tale tells of happy times and sadness, the strength and love of a family, of dealing with the results of actions and decisions made. It’s engaging, heartbreaking and tragic but underlying everything the overwhelming love shines through. To watch someone so close deteriorate in health is a horrendous ordeal. Despite her inclination to keep her feelings and suffering contained Donna has a huge capacity for love which is shown through her relationship with her sister and her children.



A very moving and heartfelt recollection of a much-loved sister whose loss is unmistakably still felt to this day. A story that will resonate with all of us who have lost someone close. It must have been so painful and emotional to write but Bette Lee Crosby tells the story beautifully with a wonderful candour. 


My favourite quote is from Ms Crosby in the author’s note at the beginning ~

'Each day is a gift. Treasure it and remember it for what it is. There may come a time when that memory is all you have.'