Between The Lines

The Devil’s Necktie

bookAuthor: John Lansing

Published: December 2012 by Gallery Books/Karen Hunter   Publishing

Category: Crime/Thriller/Suspense


As part of my affiliation with PubShelf I was given a copy of this book in  return for an unbiased review


Jack Bertolino has retired from the NYPD on medical grounds and moved over to Marina Del Ray on the West Coast. He’s put the drug dealers, criminals and the world of cops firmly behind him.....or so he thinks.  Until he gets a call from Mia, a confidential informant he’s worked with in the past, saying they need to talk. Jack has a sinking feeling his new-found peace isn’t going to last much longer. How right he is.


When Mia is brutally murdered Jack is inevitably drawn into the investigation. After initially being the prime suspect for Mia’s murder he goes it alone using his considerable experience and contacts to gather evidence against the 18th Street Angels gang and a dangerous and widespread drug cartel.




A very dramatic, gripping and well written storyline crammed with action and suspense. The characters are well-developed, strong and believable. It’s obvious the author knows what he writes about and it shows.


Jack Bertolino is my type of protagonist, a good guy with principles. Not perfect but determined, steadfast and can show emotion. He’s multi layered and easy to connect with. Can you tell I like him ;-)


The story flows well and realistically, showing the extreme differences between the seedy underworld of drug dealers and gang members and the rest of society. The bad guys are frightening and vicious and don’t think twice about ending someone’s life. The violence is chilling, the title of the book has a very macabre meaning.


I like the style of writing very much, it’s vividly descriptive both in dialogue and story structure. I look forward to more Jack Bertolino.