Between The Lines

The House of Crimson and Clover Series ~ Part One


St. Charles at Dusk ~ Prequel

Author: Sarah M Cradit

Published: September 2011 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Category: Mystery/Romance


The revised edition of this book was supplied as an ARC by the author in return for an honest review.


Oz Sullivan was 21 and totally infatuated by Adrienne Deschanel despite the fact she was only 16 and the sister of his best friend. They began a love affair aided by Nicolas, Oz’s friend and Adrienne’s brother, who lets them meet at his home. That is, until they were discovered by Adrienne’s father and she was forbidden to see Oz again.


Adrienne’s parents intervened further and decided to take Adrienne and her sisters away on holiday.  Oz and Adrienne made plans to elope.  Before they could take their plans further the family lost their lives in a tragic accident. Her father, mother and sisters, all dead, but Adrienne’s body was never found.


Three years pass and Oz is an attorney in the family firm. His life is turned upside down when he learns Adrienne has been found but with no memory of her life before the accident. He’s reluctant to open old wounds but finds himself drawn into the unfolding drama.




The first quarter or so of the book was slightly confusing due to the storyline flashbacks, time frames and different points of view, I think because they were quite long and detailed and, if I’m honest, hard to grasp initially.


The writing is very descriptive and makes New Orleans come alive and the pictures in my head of Oz’s cottage were lovely. I want to live there! Sometimes during the story I found it quite hard to like Adrienne, she came across as quite selfish and childish more so than when she was younger.


It’s a story of love and loss with overlapping aspects of mystery and deception. The threads of the story were woven together well and once I was drawn in I enjoyed it a lot.




bookBeyond Dusk: Anne ~ A Novella

Author: Sarah M Cradit

Published: October 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review


Adrienne Deschanel ‘came back from the dead’ after being missing for three years following the accident which killed all the members of her family except for her brother, Nicolas. Since her return a year ago they have been inundated with calls from people claiming to have been a part of Adrienne’s previous life. Oz Sullivan, now Adrienne’s husband, is also the Deschanel’s lawyer and is dealing with the unwanted attention.


Anne Fontaine was born in a cabin in the bayou. When her mother dies she sets out for New Orleans in the hopes of meeting her sister again and finding out more about her background and the strange power she possesses.




A very interesting and engaging story that gives more of an insight into Anne’s character and her place in the family.  I like the introduction of the paranormal aspect and as with the first novel, this one is very well written and beautifully descriptive and has a lot of depth for such a short story.




bookThe Storm and the Darkness ~ book 1

Author: Sarah M Cradit

Published: June 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 

Category: Mystery/Romance


I received a digital copy from the author in return for an honest review.


Ana Deschanel flees New Orleans for the family house on Summer Island, Maine. She can’t forgive herself for something she’s done and, although she’s very close to her cousin, she can’t even confide in Nicolas.


Ana finds the people on Summer Island cold and distant, none more so than Jonathan St Andrews, the island’s vet. The only friendly face is Alex Whitman, the caretaker who it transpires is not at all what he seems. Then Ana meets Jonathan’s brother Finn, the complete opposite of Jonathan. After she and Finn share a dinner there is the beginnings of a friendship. In the midst of a snow storm Ana is injured as she tries to return Finn’s keys.


Some of the Deschanels are gifted with special abilities and Ana’s gift is that of a healer. It is a gift she is going to need very much in the days to come. Ana finds out running away from problems isn’t always the answer and can lead to even worse situations. She is a complex personality, having always felt removed from others and unable to relate emotionally, except to Nicolas.




I enjoyed each chapter being written from the different characters’ point of view, it helped to understand and get t know them. Each was well written and developed.


The story flowed well too and each character had his or her own individual flaws and personality traits, humanizing them and adding to the tension and intrigue.


As in the previous novels Ms Cradit’s style of writing is extremely descriptive, giving a vivid and dramatic picture of the place and events in the story. The story itself is a good combination of murder mystery and suspense with a dash of romance. I’m intrigued to follow the characters and find out what happens next.





bookBeyond Darkness: Shattered ~ book 1.5

Author: Sarah M Cradit

Published: February 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Following on from The Storm and the Darkness, the relationship between Ana and Finn has developed. Jon does his utmost  to make Ana as uncomfortable as possible in the hope she will leave and go back to New Orleans.


Just as Ana realises she loves Finn, Jon’s behaviour escalates dangerously. Have Jon’s terrible actions ruined everything for Ana and Finn. As we discovered previously Finn and Jon are complete opposites, as starkly different as light and dark, and their relationship may be damaged beyond repair.


Ana and Nicolas are still estranged but when Ana gets a call from Oz to say Nicolas needs her she doesn’t hesitate.


A very complex triangle, quite dark but in the telling it gives more insight into the complicated characters of Ana and Jon. Finn seems, at the moment, to be the only guileless and candid personality of the three. 




bookThe Illusions of Eventide ~ book 2

Author: Sarah M Cradit

Published: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform December 2013

Category: Mystery/romance/Paranormal


After leaving Maine and Ana, Nicolas has sunk deeply into a depression. So much so that he takes the decision to travel to the fame’s holiday island and end it all. He can see no way forward and has no will to carry on. The betrayal he feels is all encompassing and he can’t see a way past it.


Believing himself to be alone on the island he’s incredulous and dismayed when he sees a mysterious woman sitting on the beach. Even in the midst of his own despair Nicolas feels obliged to help and with this decision lives are changed forever. Nicolas and Ana learn of their true heritage, finding the reality of it all almost impossible to grasp.



This series just gets better! The inclusion of Mercy, Aidrik and the whole idea of the complex Empyrean race takes this chapter in the lives of the Deschanels to a whole new level and dimension. The fantasy/paranormal aspect deepens significantly and adds a very interesting twist.


I like the intriguing and expanding development of the characters, especially Nicolas. He’s not such a shallow, all for himself person as Mercy works her magic and the story unfolds.


Nothing is as it seems and although each member of the Deschanel family have their own special abilities, they are not always aware of their own power and what it means. A lot is explained when Aidrik appears at Ophélie and valuable lessons are learned.


Fascinating and wonderful storytelling, very well written. Also, as an aside, all the book covers are beautifully designed and very evocative.