Between The Lines

Since You Left Me ~ the audiobook

Since You Left Me - Allen Zadoff



    Author: Allen Zadoff


    Performed by MacLeod Andrews


    Released: April 2013 by Audible Inc


    Category: Young Adult Fiction


Sanskrit is a boy dealing with a lot of concerns. He is compelled to attend a Jewish school because of a stipulation in his Grandfather’s will but feels a fake because he doesn’t believe in the Jewish faith. Which doesn’t help when his best friend, Herschel, finds religion and doesn’t seem like the same person. 

His parents are divorced and feels his yoga mad mother has no time for him. He never got over his first crush and with all these things swirling around it’s no wonder he invents a lie when his mother fails to turn up for his parent/teacher evening.

I like Sanskrit a lot and couldn’t help but feel a whole load of sympathy for him. He’s struggling with beliefs and very unsure of himself. And although he’s far from a stereotypical teen he tells his story with teenage angst, wit and sarcasm but for all that it’s heartbreakingly sensitive.



MacLeod Andrews' narration reflects the sentiments and feelings perfectly and all the character portrayals are spot on.


This is a delightful story, very different and written with lots of humour but underneath dealing with more serious matters such as religion and family dynamics. The writing and narration really bring the characters to life and pull you into the story. There’s real depth and uniqueness…I loved it.