Between The Lines

Innocence ~ the audiobook

Innocence - Dean Koontz


 Author: Dean Koontz


 Performed by MacLeod Andrews


 Released: December 2013 by Brilliance Audio


 Category: Sci-fi/Fantasy



Addison lives in complete seclusion under the city, only venturing above ground

at night.  He is not like other people and has known nothing but hatred

and disgust all his life. Even his mother cannot bear to look at him and, although she loves him, it doesn't stop her from attempting infanticide several times.

Eventually she gives him a backpack with supplies and tells him to leave.  Addison is rescued by a man like himself and together they survive under the city streets until his ‘father’s’ death.


One night as Addison visits the library he sees a young girl fleeing from a man. After she manages to give him the slip Addison finds her and they strike up a conversation. Gwyneth has a social phobia and does not want to be touched in any physical way. They make a bargain, Addison doesn't touch and Gwyneth doesn't look. And so begins a friendship of sorts which soon turns to love.


The story alternates between the present day and Addison's life leading up to his meeting with Gwyneth.  This builds the tension nicely and also the compassion for a human being shunned and forced to live in such an unnatural way. Bit by bit the mysteries are revealed and it's heartbreaking and shocking.


Just as you think the story has reached its tragic conclusion there is a glimmer of hope......



The pacing and articulation of the narration enhances the emotion and suspense of the story almost beyond bearing sometimes. Each character is portrayed to perfection.  And I loved the very descriptive writing, especially of the snowy city scenery which, coupled with the narration, was hauntingly beautiful.
This is a story of friendship, trust and love. A masterful, moving and in the end quite spiritual story. It's also about the age old fight between good and evil, no doubt you can guess which side wins but what an ending!