Between The Lines

The Last Day ~ the book

The Last Day - Glenn Kleier




Author: Glenn Kleier


Published: September 1998


Category: Religious Thriller


As the millennium approaches there is an unexplained explosion in the desert in Southern Israel which completely destroys a laboratory.  One person survives and there begins an extraordinary story.  When an ethereal young woman appears on New Years Eve things start happening in earnest, involving the news media, the Vatican, assassination plots and reports of miracles not to mention conspiracies and an aspect of science fiction too.


This is a very engrossing read. The research and details are amazing and the plot intricate and involved.  There’s no treading softly or cautiously here, it challenges the reader psychologically and well as spiritually.


A fascinating story which opens the door to many thought provoking questions, not least about the incredible wealth and pomp of the Vatican and the Church in general, also ‘religious trivia and rituals’ and their relevance in the bigger picture.




The suspense and tension build throughout, it’s masterful, challenging and still very relevant given the ongoing intolerance between religions. This book takes you on an extraordinary journey into the ‘what ifs’ which seem entirely conceivable, rocking many boats along the way. An unexpected and moving ending.


Highly recommended and I’m very much looking forward to Mr Kleier’s next book!