Between The Lines

Steelheart ~ the audiobook

Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson


 The Reckoners Book 1


 Author: Brandon Sanderson

 Performed by MacLeod Andrews

 Released: September 2013 by Audible Frontiers

 Category: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


A very descriptive and sad prologue sets up the storyline, the trauma suffered by David and how that affects the choices he makes.


In a post Calamity world ruled by dark and chilling Epics, humans who gained fearful super powers, a small group of resistance fighters, The Reckoners, are killing Epics to try and undermine their hold on the world. 

David wants revenge against the most powerful ruling Epic, Steelheart, for the murder if his father 10 years ago. He joins The Reckoners (great characters) and they devise a plan.


David knows Steelheart has a weakness, he saw him bleed, but he doesn’t know for sure what the weakness is or how to utilise it to The Reckoners’ best advantage.

There are morality issues to confront and lessons to learn and several unexpected twists and revelations turn things upside down.

The characters are strong and the relationships and banter between them is appealing and also comical at times.


The story leaves enough unsaid to make you want to follow on with the next book.




A good narrator makes all the difference to an audiobook but an exceptional narrator takes it to a whole new level. MacLeod Andrews comes into the latter category. He brings David to life and gives him personality and moves easily between each of the characters giving them all distinctive ‘voices’ and emotional depth as well as an intenseness to the whole of the story.





Although this is classed as a young adult title it kind of hovers on the mid line between YA and adult. 

Imaginative storytelling, lots of action, suspense and fast paced with a good cast of characters.

 Looking forward to Book 2