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The Knowledge of Good and Evil ~ the audiobook

The Knowledge of Good and Evil ~ the audiobook - Glenn Kleier



 Author: Glenn Kleier


 Performed by MacLeod Andrews


 Released: May 2012 by Audible


 Category: Religious Thriller


This is riveting, a very well written and researched story with likeable, developed characters.  Ian Baringer, an ex priest, is on a quest to find answers about whether there is a life after death.  After his parents died in a terrible accident while saving his life when he was a child, he is determined to try and see them again somehow.  And he may have found a way, a very dangerous one.  Ian risks his life in the hope he might succeed despite the total anxiety and fear of his fiancée, Angela.


Fast paced, thrilling, thought provoking and intriguing on a religious level. Strict Catholic dogma brought into question and pitched against the eternal battle between good and evil. 


Corruption in the Vatican and assassins on the loose make for lots of action and suspense and the fact the story includes real people and places and so many elaborate and intricate details add so much to the story.


The near death experiences and visits to horrifically dark places are more than a little scary. From Hell to Heaven, the descriptions of both are fascinating and vivid and make you reconsider previous assumptions. Great ending which left me wanting more. A thrilling listen, I loved it. 




MacLeod Andrews has the ability and the voice to adapt to any narration with ease, regardless of accents or language. A stellar performance.




People have been theorising about religion and what it means/entails forever. Each to their own in that regard.

Unfortunately I have no doubt there is corruption in the Vatican as in any large, actually not necessarily large, organisation or body controlled by man.

As to what happens after death, there only one way we'll know for sure.