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Summer’s Passing

Summer's Passing - Randy Mixter

Author: Randy Mixter

Published: June 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Category: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy


Doug Munroe and Rebecca Carlyle are young and in love. He met her when he saved her life, but now he may need to save her again. Someone, or something, wants her and there is no place to hide, and no safe haven from the memories of her troubled past. Before the summer ends, the past and present will meet. Will Doug be able to save the woman he loves one last time? Or will an evil from long ago take her from him forever?
Strange things are happening in Port Grace, Florida.



Doug has come to Port Grace for the summer in order to write a novel, something he’s always wanted to do but it took a chat with a mysterious stranger to push him into making a decision. Annie appeared at a party, struck up a conversation with Doug and then was gone. He never saw her again.


Annie became a part of my life for less than an hour on a cool spring night, but she left me with just enough words to spark my imagination. She gave me the framework for my first book, and with the blueprint came these instructions. “Start slowly. Teach your words how to walk before you teach them how to fly.”

It was Annie’s words that sent me to the Gulf of Mexico when I should have been pounding the pavement in search of employment.


During a trip into Port Grace one evening Doug witnesses a terrible car accident. He manages to pull the car’s only occupant, who he later learns is Rebecca, through the smashed window before an explosion turns the car into a fireball. 


Beckie and Doug feel an immediate connection, as if they’ve always known each other. Doug takes on the not always easy task of looking after Beckie when she’s released from the hospital and their relationship blossoms.


Meanwhile, in another time, Rachel is rescued by Morgan and nursed back to health. Their story parallels Doug and Beckie’s in many ways. Two romances, both women wear a mystical necklace and have cats. Add to that mysterious paintings and an unseen evil stalking both couples and you have the recipe for a great story.


Summer’s Passing is two love stories with an underlying paranormal/fantasy thread, woven together with a surprise twist at the end. Randy Mixter has an imaginative and sensitive approach to relationships and creates realistic and likeable characters that bring out the emotional force and intrigue of his stories. Stories which more often than not have an element of the unexpected and extraordinary, allowing imagination to run free with unlimiting possibilities. Well written and engaging with vivid imagery. An easy, feel good and very enjoyable read.